Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Middle of the week......

Barney is resting as I keep him company outside. If I have work to do in the backyard he will go over and lay in the grass and stay out with me.  If I go inside, he must go inside.  Paranoia of being alone is the problem. I have made a make shift ramp for him to use and he has yet to try it because it is of white wood and that is scary I am sure.  I am letting him live with it as he continues to jump up on the platform to go up the stairs right next to it.  I do believe his back legs are better.  We are trying to get some weight off of him but he doesn't like the idea.

I found the squirrel in the basement and brought him outside.  I have tossed a lot of my broken ones but this guys seems to be in perfect shape. The real squirrels are few in number now that the big trees are gone.  The one younger squirrel gets hungry and eats on the wood of the corn holder.  When he does that I rush out with more shelled corn for him at the one feeder.

The angel lady is out again this year but she has a new location to occupy.  I have her on the pedestal, which can't be seen very well, and will be surrounded by phlox blooms and foliage. The  original location that she sat in for years really wasn't thought through. If I get my act together I will get her basket sprayed with a new color for the summer.

This is the bloom from the bud that I shared earlier this week.  I could drive around town and see peony bushes in full bloom but up until yesterday that I had my first bud open. When I think of old fashioned flowers I think of this variety with its petal formation around the center of the bushy petals. I can still see these that grew around old farmhouses in southern Iowa.

Anything can be a flower if you allow it to bloom.  The yellow flower is from the fallen seed of the bird feeder.  I don't know what it is but I let it live.  Once the blooms are spent I then pull it. There are some grasses that I do pull as well as the nyjer seed plants.

I am the librarian today on an early out day.  I will be spending my day collecting book finds and checking in books. There are less students as the seniors are graduated and gone. It is gone to be a warm day in this end of the building and the down pouring rain comes and goes regularly.   We should have no ponds that are lacking in water nor will the lakes be low on water.

I thank you for stopping by today.  


Anonymous said...

I love this photo of Barney. Dogs are funny about fear of certain things. Theo won't use a step stool to come and go from the bed.

I love the pink peony bloom. It is picture perfect.

I like the squirrel and Angel too. I have good luck with Krylon brand spray paint for outdoor figures.

Hope your rain won't be heavy.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to see a photo of Barney. Chance has good days and bad days with his back legs, he doesn't like a diet either. Tough to be an old dog :(