Thursday, May 19, 2016

Proof Read it Later.....Yes.

As the globe allium starts to decline the hundreds of flowers turn into seeds.  I am certain that all the seeds that can scatter are the reason I have the plant spread into my yard. I really don't know what I planted originally for this flower but I thought it was a bulb. As I look it up on the internet I see it was a 12 cm bulb. I am assuming these small seeds on the head have to do something in the reproduction  of new bulbs.  I guess I am too curious and ask too many questions.

The lily of the valley is really blooming well this year. Some years we are too dry to get that many good blooms from it.  The plant is like a weed as it spreads throughout the garden.  I have it moving into the garden on the other side of the fence.

I have taken way too many photos of iris and yet I really like them. I will miss them when they are all gone.

My mom and my Aunt Mary bought an iris deal through a catalog when I was young.  They each took eleven of them and grew them for a couple of years. Then they shared them back and forth to get the full 22 rhizome collection.  I guess that was my beginning of appreciation of the flower.

I keep taking these close shots thinking I would share them all on my Photo a Day.  It seems to work out that I don't have the space for them on that blog so I will share them here. There are a couple of more buds of this color so I will get to take more photos of it.

This shorter white one puzzles me as I have another white that is tall.  I will have to watch it year after year to see if it just planted in a less desirable location.

Time keeps moving on and sometimes I wonder where it all has gone.  We had lunch with my two school buddies yesterday afternoon and we all had a good time.  I take away from the meeting a sort of sadness as they don't live near enough to really be close friends. I would like that to be but it isn't going to happen.  All have things going on in life that keeps them challenged just as we do too.  It is good to reconnect and know that we can plan for that next meeting.

I am in the English room now for the third day.  Tomorrow I will be on a different schedule. I will be in a special education room and do bus duty in early morning. I am subbing tomorrow for a woman who's daughter is graduating.  She needs to get ready for all that parents do to celebrate the accomplishes of 13 years.  I have been subbing for a woman whose mother in law is very sick and she too has a daughter graduating. The school year will be done a week from Friday. I have some seniors looking me up to say good bye.  I have grown close to some of them and have always tried to take an interest in them and their successes. I get handshakes and hugs as they wander through the hall looking for people to thank and then they leave. When school is out  I then will just be myself again.   Thank you for stopping by today.

I have been busy and I have noticed in past blogs that I am making a lot of "word usage" mistakes. I used the word "board" yesterday instead of "bored" and I am wondering if I am squeezing these blogs in to shape in too quickly of a time period.  I told my students today that when I misspell words, like inconsequential ( their vocab word), that Sesame Street stopped by to use the "Letter N" for their show today. That is why it was missing along with a "Letter E."


Patsy said...

Lily Of The Valley is a good childhood memory for me.
Love the iris photo's I like to take close ups
of flowers.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Word usage mistakes happen to the best of us!

My allium started as bulbs and they still bloom, but they also make seeds which spread and when those plants get big enough they bloom too. I'm letting mine see on purpose. They are too fun.

I think the cooler spring has let the iris last longer this year. Your photos are nice. I enjoy all the colors!

The Furry Gnome said...

Your garden still seems so far ahead of ours!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I used to have Lily of the Valley outside my kitchen window at the resort, it was lovely and liked the north side of the house. That White Iris is stunning, you sure have a nice collection of Iris!! :)

Anonymous said...

How nice that students value your friendship; I know you have been a blessing to them.
I love the closeups of the iris. I wish I had one in every color combo. Lily of Valley does not do well for us. Perhaps our red clay is too heavy.
Glad you could meet up with your friends. It is kinda sad when distance and circumstances make visits infrequent. At least these days, computers, Skype etc. make it easier than ever before.