Saturday, May 7, 2016


I think we are on a third generation of young kids in our neighborhood.  A new younger boy that lives in the big yellow house, learned how to ride a bike on our new road.  He was so angry with that bike the first day and then I look out the second day when he was cruising right along with a smile on his face. I shared his happiness by bragging on him as to how fast he learned. There is a very young one that rides her tricycle on the road too. That little guy hangs around with a little older twin girls next door to us.  They have a friend girl down the street that hangs around all in the yard next to the dog's yard.  The reptile above was being held by one of the girls and she really wanted me to see her capture.

When our neighbors across the way have company on weekends there are four or five grandchildren that play with our crew of four. The street is full of bikes and skateboards. That is when the one older sister of the twins comes out of the house to show off her skate board skills.  It is like the old days when our two boys collected three Thompson boys, four Fields boys, and one Ron from up the street, all being in the yard or house at the same time. The Ron from up the street is married now and has three kids in school now and I have been teaching with them for a few years. I really enjoyed those days most days as I was the youngest on the farm as a kid and never had the ability to get people together like that.

The broken branch from the hardy geranium from last fall survived.  I shared it being rooted in the kitchen window all winter and a month ago I put it into soil.  Now I have a blooming plant. I suppose I will take it outside and plant it in one of my planters. I am cutting back on the number of geraniums that I usually grow in the summer.

This is the largest hosta that I own.  I must have picked it up a few years ago from the garden center where I worked. I moved this piece of it and I am so pleased as to how it responded to its new location. The leaves are so large compared to the regular one that I have.

The spirea is starting to bloom.  This one is next to the house so it is warmer there and it blooms early. It gets the morning sun and is protected by the bay window on the north. I planted this one here from a start from one of all the other older planted ones along the property line on the south of my yard. When I bought my property years ago all shrubs and trees were removed from around the house to aid in the job of painting the house.

I am going to hit the yard today trying to catch up on the growth of grass and weeds.  I also will level dirt around the corner of the cities ditch project so it can be seeded.  I can seed the corner next to the road but I am not going to seed the ditch. I have been at school too much so my yard work is way behind. We have the promise of four or five days of rain again so today is the day to get a lot of it done.  It is cold though and I will have to bundle up some.  Of course we were in the 80s yesterday.  Thank you all for stopping by today.  I hope everyone has a good weekend. 

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Patsy said...

Don't work to hard in the yard and just have a happy day.