Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Afternoon......


It is time to bring up the antique toys to place under the small old fashion ornament tree.  The metal horse and driver is probably the fromt part of firewagon.  I don't have it and I don't think I have ever seen one like it.  The train is one that many people seem to have the complete set.  I have just the engine and can still remember the old metal bucket that I pulled it out of at John and Iva Horton's house.  They were moving and the wanted me to take some of them. 



This is a replica of an old set of years ago.  I remember that specifically shaped bell when I was a kid in the 1950's.  We had a couple of them hanging on our brown partly green cedar tree that we had cut from the timber. I assume they were sold in hardware stores.  I bought this at a lumber yard.

It is very cold outside.  I have stayed in and will just rest the most of the day.  I do have to take the garbage out tonight.  The changed their times of pick up and it is very early morning.  My wife spent some time hanging angel decorations on here tree today.  She will finish them tomorrow and then there will be visuals of course. 

Thanks for checking in today.

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Val Ewing said...

I love all of your old toys ! I recall my grandparents having some things like these. My MIL had all antique ornaments and a 'feather' tree!