Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Middle of the Week.....

 The sunrise was pretty subtle with just a thin layer of light shining through the cloud cover.  It looks better with the photo that what I actually could see.  I could crop it into a better shot.

The zoomed in shot  reviews the different kinds of trees.  The older part next to our development has silver maple trees as seen on the left and in the back ground.  I like the lines of the tree that look a little bit spooky. The red maple on the right is a different kind of tree as you can see by the more linear branches. 

It is a blank slate at this point. It took a couple of sessions to get it all together.  We have had the tree many years and it is one of our favorites.  The color markings on the branches are falling off or fading so we have to do some trial and error on some of the branches to figure out its location.  I will do the lights today.

The regrouping of all of the figures and animals has taken place.  Things tend to be moved around as we enjoy the display.  Sometime a goat gets picked up and moved to another location among the group and the sheep do wander. 

 We both have survived our health issues from four weeks ago.  Being vaccinated didn't keep us from catching a variant virus of a very uncommon illness.  My wife reached a point four weeks later when she is barely coughing. It stopped noticeably a couple of days ago and she can now sleep through the night again.  We both have minimal to no stamina as we do our daily routine.  Things taste good some days and other days there is no taste. We didn't go anywhere to spread it but the states numbers on covid has increased a lot now.  The deaths are low but the illness is back.  They sadly point out that the vaccines didn't stop it.  We both are venturing to the bank drive up in the north of town today and will pick up something from Arby's for lunch at the drive thru.  Snow is on our horizon.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sorry you got sick even with the vaccination. It is too bad that everyone didn't participate then we could have wiped it out. Instead they spread it around so it can mutate. We like Arbys too and it is on our list for Thursday after Far Guys appointment. They have the best French Fries in town:)

CheerfulMonk said...

I'm sorry you got hit so hard by it but I'm glad you both are strating to feel better. Take care!