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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Morning News......

The light snow encouraged all the birds to fly in for seed.  Can you see the snow on Saturday in this photo? The finches number up to be 5 or 6 in a group.  The wait to take turns mostly two at a time eating at the sock. I need to refill the sock again as they really hit it hard for the last couple of days.

These two young doves were really hungry and stayed most of the day Saturday eating under the feeder.  The returned on Sunday for a while but during the snow they really wanted to eat.

The birds have no opinions about squirrels but the squirrel tends to spread seed onto the ground as it crawls around on the feeder.  It helps bring in a lot of birds to eat off of the patio.  Some times I just throw seed out on the ground to feed them as more birds can eat at one time. I have no visuals to prove it but I did have a cardinal pair out there having some sunflowers for a meal.

Did you have pe wire baskets for locker use when you were a kid?  I had forgotten about them until I saw this at the Botanical Center.  I think it was an orchid or a spice plant that was planted inside of it.  I usually carried my pe clothes back and forth each time in a duffle bag as we didn't have locks for our pe baskets.

I will be sharing tropical plants for a long time.  I hope I don't forget them as they are in a special file and I did have to job my memory to get there to day to find photos. I do not know the name of this photo and if I had use the macro setting it would have been a better shot.

I am back in the high school classroom today.  I will be there 3 days out of five this week, The teacher has a serious knee infection and may be gone for a few weeks more. I have found as a substitute that is easier to stay in the same room day after day but the changing to different subjects is more interesting.  Thank you for checking in today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I had not thought of those PE baskets in years...some pools used to have them too, you wore the number and a key? around your wrist or ankle:)