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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's a Given.....

While taking shots with my phone yesterday I looked down to see these Nike shoes.  The designs are going crazy out there and I have never bought a pair. I did see a nice gray pair the other day on a student and I thought I could wear those.  Because my dad wore white velcro sneakers in his old age I don't wear mine in public very often.  I have images in my mind of my dad wearing his bib overalls and his white tennies.  I don't want to ever have that look. The plain shoes I probably would pull off or I will just  some brown ones to wear.

It is time now for these catalogs to start to arrive.  This is an archived shot of last years copy but they all look just the same. I have yet to get my tomato seeds planted but I have a three day weekend now so it should happen. It is still hard to believe that spring will happen with the temps that we are having but I guess the earth keeps tilting back and it has to happen.

I still have woodpeckers coming around.  They don't have the big trees to land in now but they seem to be loyal anyway.  This guy thinks there are bugs in the wood that the feeder is made from but that isn't going to be. I had doves at my corn feeder that I had set up for the squirrels. I have yet to see a single squirrel at that feeder since I put it out a few days ago. I still have a lot of corn so they need to come back.

I just keep learning new things.  I ask the kids at school or the kids in my Sunday school about how things work.  I am getting use to it but a real live computer is better.  I don't have a phone account on the iPhone  yet but will probably get that done in the near future.  I do like the iPhone as I can keep track of my mail.  It is helpful when I need to check on work assignments that are out there.

I have a three day weekend coming and I am glad for that. I will always have tasks to get done and chores but maybe I can do some fun stuff too.  We are still too cold for my liking but spring is coming. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Patsy said...

I quit wearing white tennis shoes, my kids made fun of me.