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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, March 5, 2016


My wife gave me as a gift many years ago a metallic shiny box that contained a dozen prints of Star Wars scenes. The box is so fitting to the theme of the  prints.  The prints seem to be concept paintings to help the creators to visualize the story line scenes.  Most of them have animation ideas in them that I can recognize in the three different movies but the ideas evolved into other final visuals.  I shared the photo on the right on my Photo a Day blog to show how shiny the polished aluminum box looks.

The scenes in the second making of the Star Wars episodes had more painterly like scenes.  The city here was expanded extensively more than in this initial rendition.  I took the shots off to the side of the prints  to keep the shine out of the pictures so the prints do look crooked. This is Naboo I am guessing.

The space ships are so sleek in design in the movies.  Some of the buses that were spaceships were clunkers but the designs of the ships remind me of the old black and white movies and there space ships.

Jar Jar Binks' people all banded together to fight off the enemy.  The clouds in the painting are so wonderful made.

Anikin had to enter the pod race to win his freedom from slavery. This photo is similar to the one used in the scene but really looks differently that the scenes themselves in the movie. Anakin did win the race after defeating those who were cheating through out the race.

I have never checked to see if this print collection is on the market for resale these days.  I will have to do that.  When the kids inherit these they will have to divide them as the two boys are also big Star Wars fans.

My wife and I are going to see the latest Star Wars movie at the iMax today.  It is a giant dome shaped screen and you sit almost inside of it. The seats are very scary as your feet are at the height of the shoulders of the people sitting in the seat below.

We are not warming up much today,  It will actually be colder. The daylight is better now and the days are longer. We will spring forward very soon and have to adjust to that change in time.

Thank you for stopping by today.  May the Force be with you.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

That sounds like a great theater, I bet the seats would scare me too:) That is some great collection!! :)