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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


As I walked down the sidewalk, I glanced down seeing this shape with a different set of colors.  I took shots and then moved the leaf.

As you may or may not remember I found some ginko leaves along the property last fall.  I still do not know what neighbor has a ginko tree but I do like the leaves from it. I guess I could go on a field trip up the alley and see who might be the owner of the tree.

I need to rake and the ground is wet now from a good rain in the night. Rake or mow them up, I still have to wait for it to be dry and warm.

When I plant willy nilly like I do all the time I find things growing that I can not identify.  I will just have to wait and see.  It has great foliage and is coming up in a location where I just don't remember planting it.

 New England Bluebells are starting to sprout.  They are one of the first to come up and once bloomed they just disappear.  These plants were growing here when I bought the place now 40 years ago.  I have scattered some of them and they are a really special spring bloomer.

Among the trashy stuff I found that the coral bells had survived the winter.  It will be better established this year and I will see blooms on it this year.

Rhubarb show us when the soil just starts to warm.  I will be glad to see those spikes of color showing again.   I have two locations now where it is planted so I will have plenty of it to share.

Spring break means getting chores done and going off to play somewhere.  At our age it means going to a big Walmart at a different location. The one closer to  us is a small version of the real ones.  We have three different places that are possible visits. Bookstores and visiting a mall somewhere are all possibilities.  Three choices of malls exist and we usually go to the one at least three or four times a year.  We don't shop malls much except at "birthday present" time or Christmas time.  Whatever happens, resting from the daylight savings time has to be a part of the schedule. We were told by our son last night that our grandson was totally disgusted about the time change.  He didn't like getting up in daylight and he physically was too tired to get up.  They closed the shades and let him sleep 5 more minutes before he had to get up to go to day school.

Thanks for checking in today. 

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Bluebells will be beautiful! You have stuff coming up all over! Have a fun time getting out and about! Naps are on my schedule everyday now:)