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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday's Things.......

I could hear the woodpecker working for bugs from this dead tree. He was hard to find visually and then I spotted him.  The photo isn't great but you can see the downy working the tree. Trees I bet are their preference over suet at the feeder.

The barberry shrubs are all leafing out right now.  When looking at it as a plant it is a tough looking one that tolerates a lot of different conditions. I remember seeing them at school as a kid and they were all tromped around by students and they barely held their own.  But in the fall there would be the same red berries showing up for kids to pick off and throw at others.

A struggling plant is the tulip that came up from the area where they grubbed out the red twig dogwood.  It is a lone survivor.  I need to go pot it or move it as the city might come back and till the area one more time.  When they removed the bush and red maple they tore up the whole side of the ditch area and the yard also.

I moved flag iris to a new location and think it was a successful transplant. This is on the south side of the house and should really grow well in the location. I don't know if it is the purple one or the light blue one.  We will know by next month.

I shared earlier a sprouting peony and I was correct about its identity.  This is a fern leaf peony in another location that is really sprouting up. I have at least five locations of this peony that is coming up now. The freezing and snow doesn't seem to bother it  at all.

When your grandson is three years old he doesn't have the ability to use any tool to color hard boiled eggs.  We do facetime on the cellphone with he and his dad.  AJ took us to the refrigerator and picked up every one of his eggs to show them to us and name the colors. His dad explained that a little wire hoop that is suppose to be used for dipping eggs in dye really isn't possible for AJ. In a few days he will have that dye wear away.  He was so proud of his colored eggs.

 For my current events report I need to share that I have moved the wheel barrow into the back yard.  Every once in a while I will pick up sticks of an area until I get it all done.  I bet the snow will probably land in it on Thursday but it will melt and I can continue the project.

I am at work again today and will have work all week. So work like this gets done after school when it is warm.  We warm up today and then we drop back down into the deep freeze or into snow season anyway.

I found out that I had missed my 7 year blogging anniversary in February.   I just keep plugging along.  I didn't post a photo the very first blog so the times have changed.  I have no plans to stop blogging as many people out there, relatives or  friends, seem to need to keep an eye on me.  Someone besides my wife needs to watch me.  Thank you for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I enjoy visiting your blog, I hope you keep on keeping on! :)

Mildred said...

I have to laugh at you saying we need to keep an eye on you! lol I have always enjoyed your blog posts but have fallen behind reading since January. The tremors make me extremely tired and I usually sleep between 3 and 4 hours after lunch each day.

I am jealous of your nice wheel barrow. John is still trying to piece together the one we bought at a yard sale! It would have been much cheaper to just buy a new one as parts or super expensive!