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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday's Report..........

The fern leaf peony seems to like the cold air as it keeps sprouting upwards among the creeping Charlie. When it isn't too cold out there I will go pull the Charlie and remove leaves.

There is actually a spot of blue or two buds from this New England bluebell. They should be getting out into full bloom soon once the weather warms back up again. They are one of the early bloomers of spring.  Our rain from last night will surely make things look a lot better out in the flower beds and yard.

I am floundering in photos that really don't relate to each other.  This was last weekend when the sun was coming over the neighbor's house. The lack of our big trees did cause us to notice the winds in town differently.  They did block a lot of wind or at least slowed it down. We had extremely strong winds that lasted all day yesterday and into last night.  It still is a little gusty out there this morning.  Northern Iowa is having a snow storm and areas around us have white covered landscapes with snow.  We didn't get that but people very close to us did.

I bought a new violet for no good reason.  I think that I liked it because it is like a blue and white one that I have that is so healthy and hardy.  It just keeps getting bigger and blooms profusely.  My new rule is to immediately take a new violet and pot it into better soil and a larger container. You can see the smaller plastic container behind the newly planted pot.

What I found to be remarkable was the recovery of the plant.  I didn't know it was in distress.  In three days the natural light from the window as well as newer additional soil made everything shoot up and out. The stems with the flowers grew a third or a half taller.

The is the blue and white variety of the violet that has been performing so well.  I have lost a few violets this past year which is normal when you over water them.  The ones that get severely dry can really be brought back to life.

I am back into the high school English room today.  It is always a busy day.  I get one break in the day and for some reason someone else found me something to do. I will return to the special education room tomorrow.  Tomorrow fortunately is Friday.   We are feeling
snow, wind, heavy rain, extreme burst of wind and cold. It is miserable to be outside.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.  Thank you for stopping by today.

I just noticed that when I blog off and on all day on one blog that I do sort of repeat myself. I have had this work in progress and do it between classes coming and going or over the lunch period. 


Far Side of Fifty said...

The snow missed us too. I saw some on the news:) That is a pretty Coleus, did you know that they have Coleus that like sun now? Your Violet is very pretty:)

Mildred said...

I certainly have enjoyed catching up on both your blog posts. Congrats on making the decision to "retire" from teaching and I wish you two much happiness. I never did purchase any violets but I sure enjoy yours!