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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 28, 2016

Let us just eat cake!

What is better than one piece of strawberry cake?  Two pieces of strawberry cake with strawberry frosting.  My birthday cake will last for a few days more even though I had a birthday on Saturday. I chose strawberry flavor this time just to be different.  Red velvet is the cake supreme.

The honeysuckle shrubs are looking good.  They are old shrubs so they do look weary in shape and form.  I wanted to show you how much further along the leafing out of them has come.  There will be blooms on them in the next week or so.

You can see why the peony is called a fernleaf peony.  There is even a bud on this one plant.  I didn't notice it until just now as I write about the photo. Things continue to grow in spite of the frosts and freezing.  I think the town temperatures keeps things warmer and more protected than those who are out of town.

The regular peony is just now pushing up dark red points. They will bloom a lot later than this fernleaf does.  I still have one peony bed that needs to have its leaves removed. I need to get to that as the tulips that run parallel to them are fully leafed and red to shoot buds.

This is a blurry shot but I wanted to share how large this Eurasian ringnecked dove looks.  I am still in confusion about the doves in my yard as I have smaller ones that are half the size of this and they are more round in shape.  I think they probably are the normal mourning doves.

I sized the photo to show you the difference in sizes.  I am thinking that if the ringneck is that large in size, I can see how they are driving out the mourning dove.

It still is not warm enough for the bluebells to open completely.  I know from experience that I need to check them daily as they can bloom and be gone so quickly.  I am hoping soon to see the whole set of blooms on them.

I am sitting in the science room today.  It is high school science and the guy I am replacing is so sick with his cold.  He thinks he caught the virus back in Ireland and he still keeps fighting to get rid of it.  We will be with my wife's friend at the hospital tomorrow.  She has surgery and will be needing us there for her.  I won't sub the next day either as we will take her home that day.  I do hope are days keep getting warmer.   Thank you for checking in on my blog.


Mildred said...

That cake looks so delicious to me! It would not have lasted this long with me! lol John has a birthday on Apr.2. He will be 63. His favorite cake is coconut.
I can't wait to see the honeysuckle, tulips, bluebells and peonies. That is amazing the difference in the two types of doves.
I am sorry to learn that your wife's friend is having surgery. God bless you two for being a good support system for her. Praying for you all this week.

The Furry Gnome said...

"Let us eat cake" - yes, that's a great idea! (We had pumpkin pie).

racheld said...

Well, Goodness, Larry! Great minds and all that---we, too, ate your Birthday Cake on Saturday, for we had our Easter Lunch a day early so the kiddos could go to other Mammaw's on Sunday. We swap up and all have a good time.

Our Sweetpea (eight) made the cake from start to finish, except for actually putting cake in oven and taking out. She's learning measurements and temperatures, and even traced the layers on the parchment for the pan. She took meticulous care in pureeing and straining the berries for the icing, by an old recipe from the 70s, with strained strawberry pulp, powdered sugar, butter and a dash of salt. Our cakes could be twins, except for the six pink PEEPS she arranged around the edges of ours.

Hope you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY, and that you're warming up and Greening up and having a super Spring!


Patsy said...

You will have a busy week, take care. The trees and flowers are popping out every where at our place.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a great looking cake! Those buds on the Bluebells are looking good! :)

Marie C said...

The fernleaf peony is very different! And those bluebells! They will be gorgeous when they open up