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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday's Wanderings......

The best place for now for the tomato flat is to be right next to the fish tank.  It will get it moved but I am not in a hurry to do so. Once they start to sprout I will get it into a more direct light.  I couldn't find my seed box of leftover packets that holds all my garden seed.  I could only plant from the one leftover packet that seemed to be tucked in the kitchen window shelf. I also planted from the one new packet that I bought a few weeks ago.  If all of them grow I should have over 30 plants.  I could plant more but I don't remember where I was in the planting.  When things start to sprout I can fill in the rest, only if I find the box with leftover seed. I give plants to the neighbors so I will never have that many tomato plants.

I look out some days and see the Canada geese head sticking out of the evergreens.  My brain has to rethink it each time that the neighbors have a planter sitting on top of a picnic table over there.  The neighbor girls tried to explain what their plans were for that area and she didn't quit know exactly if the table was to be changed and a park area was to be created.  I will wait to see what really does happen.

I have a redwood box that I grew chives in for years.  The box is about to fall apart and the chives died out one harsh winter a few years back.  I planted seed in the box last summer and it looked thin and unlike any kind of chive plant that I had seen.  This spring those sprawling sprouts are now looking like real chives.  I have to rebuild the box someway.  I have newer wood that I could use and just start over from scratch.

I moved a rhizome of this variegated iris and I see that it is growing in its new location.  It will have full sun now and will maybe do better this year.

My back yard will be earlier this year in blooming and all the newly started iris should do well.  It is a little early for lots of things to be up but iris and tulips are usually always the first to show.

The city's tree persons returned yesterday to take down one more tree up the street.  They also took down the pine tree that they originally had left growing. In all of this work they have destroyed the surface quality of my yard. The would drive back and forth removing large trunks and then back in a machine to remove the stumps.  Yesterday I was home when the pickup truck was backing in on the yard to catch and remove the pine tree stump.  I will wait to see if the city will come in with tillers and fix things or if I will have to get out my garden tools and work on it.

 The neighbor on my west hired the company to come back and remove a tree from their yard.  The company used my part of the street to park their stuff and drove the lift up to the work site. Everyone was very nervous when they pulled up yesterday holding their breath while waiting to see what else was going to happen.

 I am in the high school English room today.  We read some more in Hamlet and are writing in other classes about Walden Pond.  I have a two day stint in the science room next as the teacher is going to Ireland to visit some cousins.  Two days of school he will take off but next week is spring break.  That means I will have spring break too.   Thank you for stopping by today.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Hope you find all your seeds soon. Looks like a lot of people are thinking spring changes in your neighborhood.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope the city comes back to fix your lawn. Spring Break is this week up here, couldn't you tell by the number of dogs we have that someone is in Maui! I wish I was there! I bet you have lots of projects lined up for your break:)