Friday, January 27, 2023

Recycle and Combine......

 I worked on a remodel of a bird feeder.  I had a hanging feeder that I wanted to use for feeding the cardinals.  The ledge is too small for them so I had to rethink the design.  I had a tray feeder that I had built to slip over my metal railings that seemed to be good for the base.  With the feeder now attached to the tray a cardinal or blue jay will have a platform to stand on to encourage them to eat. 

I bought a sack of cardinal bird seed at the pet store this morning. It is what caused me to want a better feeder for cardinals.  I didn't want to put it in my regular feed and let the sparrows crowd up the space and discourage the bigger birds to eat.  I am hoping that the spilled see will also go onto the tray.  Now when it gets cold I can just sit and wait to see what kind of takers I will get. 

I shared this photo on my other blog of the cardinal getting cross with the sparrow. I hope he does come back now that I have safflower and sunflower seeds just for him to eat. 

We got up to 37° F. this morning for about two hours.  The temps are now dropping quickly.  The wind chill is going to bad when it drops below freezing.  Winter weather just continues.  Have a good Friday.

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Val Ewing said...

Interesting. I know the cardinals like the nicer feed too. They hang around below one of my feeders in the yard to pick through what drops from the feeder.
I put branches in a block of wood near the feeder for them to sit on. They use it quite a bit.

I bet they will love the remodel of the feeder especially when it gets cold!