Saturday, February 25, 2023

Saturday's a Go......

 I am a sixth grader again as I continue to mess with the sweet potato tuber.  It seems to be good even when I forget to keep the water filled.  I guess I could put it into soil in a pot and then transfer it this spring when the soil is thawed. 

We are not a lot warmer but it it is better.  We will warm up to a thawing temp this afternoon.  It will melt off all the ice on the trees that was coated on two days ago. The birds like it warmer and still are hungry.

A few starlings like the suet.  No other kind of bird shows up to eat from the cakes.  I guess my deck with a sunroom is too cityfied for the birds to come in.  Cardinals were back yesterday for a very brief visit.  No photos for proof as all I could see is their top notches through the glass of the bird feeder. If taken they would just be a head shot. 

We are off to a movie this afternoon and we have pizza at home ready to pop in the oven. We have a baking stone to use for the pizza and it is so great.  The quality of the crust is so good when we use it.  We have been having inferior pizza for so many years.  Oh, well.....

Thanks for checking in today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hope you saw a good movie! Supposed to be warmer here this week so I hope you get the heat wave too!

Val Ewing said...

Yum on the pizza!

The warm up looks great I wonder if you are going to get the rain we are supposed to get on Sunday night through Monday. It will be wet and wild, I guess.

I love your potato experiment! I hope you do plant it, it would be fun to watch it grow through your eyes.