Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Progress Report.....








 I can't put the last cover plate on the socket because I lost the screw.  I will have to buy a new socket plate cover which will have a screw included.  This is not done by any means but it has the bulk of the difficult work done.  Three wall sockets along the back wall where only two of them will ever be used. 

I have to do the wainscoting around the corner because the previous owners screwed up the drywall. There is not a square corner even though their door molding was plumb. 

We are getting mist.  We are not cold enough for it to freeze but we will eventually.  All rainstorms stayed south of us and all snow storms stayed north of us.  It is a luxurious wedge of storm neglect.  Thanks for stopping by today. I haven't hit my finger with a hammer once this job. I am putting in screws at the bottom so that cuts the odds to half of a chance.