Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday's Times.....


 There is no real change in the sunrise of this morning compared to yesterday's  view.  We are warmer from the beginning today and will be melting off snow again today.

The female house finch is a petite compared to a sparrow.  I always have to look close to see what the little bird is. She has shown up for seed this morning.

The male house finch is just a little larger than the female but his red markings does make him easy to identify. They really have not been at the feeder often so I was surprised to even see them out there. 

I went out on the deck this morning for my sunrise photo barefooted.  I had to dodge the ice and snow.  I looked down to see this as I returned so I snapped the shot. We will be melting this off today with the temps up in the 40s. It will be good to see it gone.  We do have snow predicted on Wednesday.  It figures.....its Iowa.   Thanks for checking in today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

The air was cold here today. Looks like you have melted a lot!