Thursday, February 9, 2023

Starlings Startling Visit......


Starlings hit the feeder like a street gang pushing every other bird out of the way.  Also they really don't get along with each other very well. 



It does seem like that they fly in flocks and when one comes to the feeder they all come.   I had nine or more starlings at one time but I didn't get the shot.  They fly in and out nervously.



 The markings on the bird is dramatic with its subtle gray spots arranged in patterns. They are a big bird.

The sparrows actually are more of a calming bird and seem pretty passive compared to starlings.  We have a gray day again today and we didn't get the predicted snow.  The weather people were upset that our temps got too warm for snow. South of us they did get snow.  

Thanks for stopping by today.



Far Side of Fifty said...

Starlings make lots of noise, they sure look like a scruffy bird!

Val Ewing said...

It wasn't until last year that I really started to pay attention to the birds and their feathers...especially the starlings. They are not well liked, but I still find them interesting!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The starlings were always annoying at our VA bird feeders when we lived there and would make quick work of the seed whike nit wanting to share. They were nit my favorite.