Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Middle of the Week....

 The grand daughter sent us a homemade card with lots of bling. You can see it is done with the design abilities of an almost four year old girl.  The bling of reflective hearts puts the card over the top. It is done with love of craft.

I remember as a kid that one could buy small boxes of gold shiny stars. I would think they were like real gold as the shapes were wonderful and I could stick them on anything to make something more special. 

I bought the wood for a project at the old house.  I sold the house and brought the wainscoting to the new place. The room doesn't really need it but maybe a little bit of enhancement wouldn't hurt.  How many hundreds of birdhouses could I have made from it?   Instead, I installed wainscoting in one of the rooms in our downstairs family area. 

This was the easiest wall as there was nothing but flat wall, no jogs for closets on that side.   I had to get inventive to create the cap.  The cap I bought was intended for people who use fake paneling and the molding would fit that perfectly.  My wood was not a thin half inch so I had to add two more pieces with it to get a  molding that looked good and not concocted by a 73 year old man. The final top quarter round had to be use to cover up the uneven wall that someone before me created with a bad drywall install. 

The area that could drive one crazy is the space between a closet door and a bedroom door. The camera makes it look like the molding is crooked on top but it is not.  The corner required me to make eight 45° cuts that were to fit with each other.  It also required for me to make eight lengths at just the right measurement.  The last thing I need to do now is put final coats of Varathane on the trim pieces. 

Thanks for stopping by today. We don't have any snow yet but maybe by midnight we will get a few inches.


Val Ewing said...

I see the cardinal made it back too!

You did a fantastic job with the waiscoting!

The card from your grand daughter is pretty precious.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You did great on your project! It looks really good:)