Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Pop Ups....

 My wife likes to buy me pop up cards.  This is a great one that I photographed at a distance to show you its true proportions when you open the card. 

It follows the red truck theme.  This time it is filled with hearts and a cat and a dog. The truck resembles an older 1950's model.  I like how they decorated it with a string of lights. 

It is a fun creation and look who is driving the truck. I like those gnomes and this one has his eyes covered and he still can see to drive the truck. 

I like my collection and I wanted to use my light box to photograph last years valentine. The movie "Up" is a unique Disney movie and the house floats around with its bunch of balloons tied to it. 

It has rained, sprinkled and the wind did blow hard throughout the day.  I wish you all a happy Tuesday.

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

Love those cards! They are fantastic!

Not much went on here it rained and blew all day yesterday so I stayed inside and practiced with my light box also!

Love the gnome driving the truck.