Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lego Duty...

 The grandsons love legos.  The younger one says Grandma and Grandpa need to come downstairs and play legos.   I like building with them so it has been fun to spend a lot of time with them.  The little granddaughter is three and she is still bashful.  We saw and talked to her a lot but she really didn't want to play with us. She would shake her head to answer us.  We did see the last day her talking to her brothers and she does have to stay up with them and all their energy.

These are all made with leftover lego sets that our boys had.  All the sets had people in them so the whole pile has lots of figures to use in the city. 

We have one young rabbit in the area.  He is the one that probably ate off my sunflowers.  I barely caught him with the camera. 

I captured the rabbit photo while out watching our visitors leaving the driveway.  They left early to go back to the Chicago area. Our house is quiet again.  We miss them and look forward to seeing them again. 

Thanks for checking in today. 


Val Ewing said...

Legos! Love Legos!

Looks like you had some fun with the grandkids. I know I generally will sit with mine when they used to visit and we'd play with blocks and build castles and whatnot. Then of course they had to knock it down!


Rose said...

Lego duty is good duty. Glad you got to see your son and family.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Legos are wonderful!! Good to see a photo of your Grands! They are growing!!