Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tuesday's Things.....

 The sun to the west is casting an interesting light on the cone flowers.  I didn't know what colors that they would be but it looks like I have lost my yellow ones and also whit ones. 

The front raised garden is looking better.  The plants there are maturing and filling in to make it look like a proper garden of flowers.  I see the dianthus in the back are doing well too.  It does look good from the road. 

The privent and hosta look good together.  I was cutting out a sucker tree in the privet and cut some of the privet by mistake.  It hasn't ruined it but it is smaller in size because of my blunder.  The yucca in the background has finished blooming already. 

The yellow rose looks great and yet some of the hot days has ruined some of their blooms.  It is a great color and the first yellow rose that I have ever owned.  I guess I always bought red roses before now.

I worked on the zinnia patch today moving the plants around to get better rows.  The last years seed did germinate but in some places it did not.  I covered over the area with a screen as the birds are busy taking dust baths in the loose dirt.  They are taking out plants when they do that.  It was pleasant outside for working in the garden.  I like doing a few things each day, taking out weeds in certain areas until I get most of them gone.  I transplanted some sunflowers last night that I had started in a flower pot.  Four out of five of them survived.  The birds took out one.  I now have upside flower pots sitting next to each one to deter the birds.  We have a robin starting a new nest in and under out deck again.  I think it is a young robin and she is so busy bringing in everything to build her nest. 

It is Tuesday and I wish you to have a good day. 

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Far Side of Fifty said...

The Coneflowers are stunning! So pretty! I like the yellow roses too!