Saturday, June 25, 2022

Where the Buffalo Roam.....

 We visited the Jester Park this morning with our visiting family.  They have a small herd of  buffalo at a fenced in area and your have to drive around to see where they are hanging out. They are in a large natural area with different sets of land to rotate them back and forth to keep them from destroying the terrain.   The buffalo are keeping cool right now in the large pond built just for them. We saw a group of ducks nearby them having a good time splashing in the water.

The elk hve the same idea with the standing around in their own pond. With all the hot weather we have been having I am sure it was a regular behavior for a lot of days.  We were able to get closer to them and shoot our photos through the fence.  They also had dual sets of electric wire  stretched around the inside of the entire pasture area to keep them from challenging the tall woven wire fence. 



A natural prairie had many different kinds of wild flowers. Along the elk fence line was a very well planned and planted group of gardens with many wild plants. 

Spiderwort was growing in many different locations.  I use to have this at my old place but didn't get it moved to my new place.

It was fun to visit the park area with our kids and three grandkids.  It is located in a natural setting of timber and it was so peaceful to be in the area.  The trees are thick and the natural plants grow in the ditches and along the walkways.  

Our company leaves soon.  We have had a lot of fun with their visit.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Val Ewing said...

That looks like a fantastic park to take everyone to.
I used to have spiderwort too and I miss it. I think my donkeys when I had them, ate them!

Have a great weekend. You will need to rest up after your company leaves.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a good outing to do with kids!