Wednesday, June 29, 2022


 The oxalis is loving its summer home out on the potting bench.  It gets a little weary inside all winter and sometimes just dies back.  The rains fall on it and the warmth seems to make it happy.

The lily is a mystery to me but I do believe it originated from my Grandmother Brooks.  I had a weepy looking stem that never bloomed at the old place but down here it did take off.  I first thought it was the Easter lily plantings but it isn't.  My grandma had it out at the back of her house and counted every bloom each summer.  I can still see it tied up with jute baling string from the hay field and it was tied to a big ole nail she had put on the wall of the house her self.   I do have Easter lily plantings and the three that I have are all short. 

The cone flowers are doing a good job of reseeding itself.  I have it coming up volunteer in my front rock garden where there is not suppose to be dirt.  It grows next to the yucca that I guess I had to  put dirt in a hole to make it grow.  I had to dig out the 8 inches of rock and pour dirt into it to get the yucca into soil. 


I cut back a lot of things this morning.   I like to cut down the asparagus foliage as it was crowding out a day lily.  I cut back on a rose that had finished blooming as it was crowding also a day lily.  I will move that day lily after it blooms at leas a foot away from where it was first planted.  I ended up making a mess with iris, day lily and rose being very small and now they are all large.  Bad planning but things were put in while in a hurry. 

In the front I cut back all the spent blooms of one of my "knock out" roses. The blooms were all spent from the heat.  I used a hedge clipper and really cut that one back.  The other two roses seem to have a few good blooms on them.  I watered everything today as we aren't going to get rain for a while.  I watered in some zinnia plants that I had moved around to make straighter and fuller rows.  My seed did grow but it was spotty.  I replanted some marigolds this morning too as they didn't all come up.  It seems to be too late but they do catch up.  

Middle of the week already,  Thanks for checking in today.


Val Ewing said...

I had a lot of marigolds reseed themselves and sometimes I have a terrible time with purchased seed.
I got Zinnias seeds from another blogger and boy they are doing great!

I have some really nice day lilies that are stuck on the side of the house that no one ever sees. I may have to find a better spot for them.

Your gardens and flowers look amazing. I've never seen oxalis that color.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a really pretty Lily! You have been busy! :)