Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday's Finds.....Show and Tell.


The double tulips have matured and are now looking really great. They vary in height but the blooms make up for that.  In many ways the individual blooms do remind me of roses. 

Our three year old red twig is looking good with the leaves forming.  It is the variegated variety of dogwood. Eventually there will be hardy geraniums planted aalong the base of it. My wife likes the pink or coral colors so that will be the ones we will have. This is a traditional planting that will continue until the bush gets too large.

New England Bluebells were planted here when we bought the place. I was so glad to see it there as we had them at the old place.  The property was old so they came up in scattered places throughout the east side of the house. 

I really wanted to go plant my tomatoes outside today but it was too cold for me, so it would be cold for those plants. I did go out and pull grass out of the zinnia garden area.  I haven't planted them yet but it is good to get things cleared ready for the seed.  I did use the tomato fork yesterday to work in a bag of new topsoil into the tomato bed getting it ready for planting. If I go out each day and work a half hour I can get a lot of work done for the future flower garden.  I also pulled grass out of some of my iris plants today.  I have buds on two of my fern leafed peony plants now and even if it stays cold they will bloom.

I am blogging in the sun room and getting warmed up from being outside.  I got to watch the neighbor guy mow his yard while I am sitting here. He always mows on Fridays.  That will be his second mowing for the season.  My hired people will not be mowing for me until six more days.  It will be too long by then but I don't have any control over when it gets mowed.  

Thank your for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

They do look like roses! Very pretty! Raining here today...we need rain:)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What lovely tulips and they remind me of roses also. It's exciting to see flowers and foliage happening at your place. It is NOT cold here anymore. The other day it was in the mid 80's and the real feel temp was 91!! Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Rose said...

I did not know they were tulips till I got to the second photo. I love their soft color. I love bluebells, too. And have some in my yard that our girls planted when they were younger.

Laurel Wood said...

The tulips are gorgeous. I love the blue bells too. It is difficult to depend on others to cut grass when you have done it yourself. I understand.