Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Middle Weekday.....

 Forsythia from the old place shows off its bright yellow color. I also broke off a branch from the real pear tree with its white blooms. 


The bluebells are looking good in my front yard but they would look better with some heat and sunshine. This is a part that has scattered from the larger main plant in that raised flower garden.


Another wild violet grows among a future day lily flower. I can see I need to do some weeding in the area. If I don't have to mow the yard myself that will give me more time and energy to do some hand weeding. 


We were predicted to have frost last nigh. I am hoping that it was warmer in the city and it didn't happen. These blooms are still not completely opened. I am so glad I planted this red bud tree. I am suppose to have the yard mowed today by a mowing gang. I will be interested in how good of job they will do. I moved things out of the way and also put mulch around a shrub to define its meager existence.


The white version of the Rembrandt tulip is cold and still partially closed. I had forgotten how well the peonies have grown here.  They are sprouting up with many sprouts and are tall already.

I went to pick up my pharmacy order yesterday and it didn't happen.  I think they hadn't called in an order that needed to be refilled for the next year. I like their answer that the doctor had not called back. I know it will be ready for pick up today as I called. I have a birthday cake to bake today and some gift wrapping.  I went shopping for my wife the other day and I just went into the store.  No more internet shopping for me. It is so much easier to wall the floors and find what you want among many choices. I don't think I had been in that store for over a year. 

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great Wednesday.


Laurel Wood said...

Your flower photos are beautiful. I hope Della has a happy birthday.

The Furry Gnome said...

Gorgeous Redbud!