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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Middle of the Week......

 I thiught I had another hosta planted in here but couldn't find it. I then remembered I had used the rocks to anchor down my Christmas deer. When I removed the rocks I just put them in the snow not know that the hosta was growing there.  It looks a lot better today with the weight taken off its leaves. 

While standing out there by the bush checking on its dead parts I was showered with whit flower petals. You can see the leaves are pushing out and the flowers are leaving.  The bush was damage from our heavy winds last summer. It blew so hard that ti caused about two thirds of it to die.  I saw other trees in the neighborhood that was damaged the same way. A flowering tree a block over had to be removed as it bent it over so hard that it killed it.  We are gong to buy a new burning bush but we don't know where we will place it in the yard. I am trying decide what to do with this one as it will probably have tust cut down.

I shared my adventure with the wheel barrow, bringing down four bags of this dirt to the back yard, downhill. I first dug out some of the crab grass and found out why I had put dirt in these raised beds. I spaded up the grass and found I was immediately in good old Iowa clay. The whole backyard was grated while the building was done and clay was left on top of the surface with the black dirt placed somewhere else. This land was originally a corn field so I know they must have had some black dirt on it. When I dig back here for planting I usually get into wet clay even in drought conditions. I put black dirt into the holes that I dig before planting things back here.

Having rested for a long period I did return late afternoon and empty the dirt out of the bags. I don't want to dwell on things about my health but my new heart condition has really shut down the kind of work and the amount of work that I can do. The guy who now mows my yard should be here tomorrow if he keeps on a tight schedule. 


We are colder today so it was best that I didn't plant these. They are going to be big when I finally do plant them.

I did get this one planted a couple of days ago.  It is a cherry tomato and I thought it would work great to put it up on the deck at our kitchen level.  I was going to bring it in last night and I thought that it would toughen it some if I left it  right there. The wind didn't bother it too much yesterday. My brother in California put all of his tomatoes in pots rather than digging holes in the ground. He has perfect weather for them in the Yorba Linda area. 

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Laurel Wood said...

I hope you can soon plant your tomato plants. The cherry tomatoes will be handy in the pot near the kitchen, I will miss the burning bushes I left behind, I did find a greenhouse nearby and bought another Lantana today. They are small and easy to plant and grow nice and big by summers end, we may never be able to make Plant big shrubs again. Wishing you both a pleasant night,

Far Side of Fifty said...

Do what you can do and rest in between times, we are all getting older!