Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Not Too Late to Blog......

Monday evening and the sun sits with a pretty clear sky. It is nice spring weather and yet we are having to turn on the air conditoning.


The cardinal is in trying to glean the last of the seeds. He comes in the late afternoon and stays for a short time.  I am not sure if he has found a mate yet. 

I have all six of them now planted. Today's location seems like that it might be a mistake to plant there.  The clay was thick and very wet in the one garden area. I dug holes and filled them with good black dirt which might help them grow. It appears to me that the neighbors entire water from his corner roof spout is coming down the hill and moving through the area.  It was just soaked with water and we haven't had a rain in weeks. I do have the attitude that I just plant it and it will just have to pull its own to grow. 

In the area where these are planted there are other iris that are already growing successfully. I think the former owner must have dumped some black top soil there as the clay did not seem to be so prevalent. 

We have had a busy day with a visiting man to check our air conditioning unit.  We also went grocery shopping and I picked up pharmacy pills. The woman selling me the one batch of pills asked if I thought that the priced looked right.  I said yes because it is marked down from five hundred dollars. I worked in the garden while the workmen was here and now I am done for the day.

That is why I am blogging late today. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I understand that the new administration is the cause of the increased drug prices...that is sad.
Your comments came through to me just fine! Hi to Della. Spring work is hard on the older people like takes longer here too.