Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday's Mentions....

 I brought in a branch from the flowering trees out front. It is a back view of the branch but it makes a nice statement. 

I was up before the sunrise this morning. It was this subtle glow and the sun is just  barely showing. The little cloud grouping on the side was interesting to see.

Forty five minutes later the sun is up. As the earth keep tilting back the sun will be behind that evergreen tree. We did stay clear with sunshine today but it was very windy and cold.

We traveled to the old place to check out the condition of the yard.  The drecho caused us to lose a lot of trees and their falling to the ground caused dents and gouges in the yard.  We worked on leveling out areas where the machines had come in to remove the branches and we did get some grass seed spread.  When you live somewhere you can go out daily and work on the yard but this going once or twice a week doesn't work.  I need to dig soil from the old garden area and fill in holes in the yard. The person who is mowing the yard this year spent a long time picking up bits of shingles from a neighbor's house that were blown off from the hurricane winds. The grass seed is a good start and a nice rain would help out the situation.  We are going back on Friday.  

The vase is filled with forsythia and pear blooms from the old place. 

Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice vase of blooms...I just love Forsythia!