Saturday, April 24, 2021


 I wanted to plant tomatoes this morning but it is too cold for me and also for the plants.  We are at 41 degrees F. and it will be 84 degrees in two days.  Wow it just keeps jumping up and down temperature wise.  I do like to plant tomatoes when the soil has some warmth in it. 

I traditionally plant my own seeds and have way too many plants.  I was sick earlier and though I would not do any tomatoes but now I am better.  We bought seven different plants a few weeks ago and they are living in the sunroom. The place is not heated at night so they have been hardened off a little with cold nights. I will share the kinds that we bought when I take more pictures of them. These plants are ten times bigger than when I start my own. I will have tomatoes at least two or three weeks earlier than when I normally do. 

The cool weather has extended the blooms of the tulips much longer. I planted these two years ago and out of a variety sack I see that they only had two different kinds of bulbs in the sack of many. 

The hot weather on Monday will probably take out these blooms. They have lasted longer than usual this year. 

We have to take a trip to the pharmacy/grocery store today and that will be our adventure for the day. We have a few essentials to get and we will get out of there as quickly as possible. Living in a big city means not going there on weekends but it can be done. Speaking of big city, we were offered free seedling trees at the city maintenance  building.  When you have a city of 70,000 people the free trees had run out about three hours into the day. I did find the place and found where I could get free mulch. That made the trip worth its while. . 

Thanks for checking in today.


Laurel Wood said...

I know you look forward to having fresh tomatoes for sandwiches. Your tulips are beautiful. I try not to get out on weekends. Traffic seems worse and people are rushed!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice tomato plants! Be careful with mulch, if people have used weed and feed on their lawns and then composted... your plants will not do well:(

Rose said...

I see Jet Star and Better Boy as well as Big Boy....yum! I could eat a peck of tomatoes from the garden if I had them.