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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, April 26, 2021

Hot Monday....84 degrees F.

 I use to have to take our little poodle out every morning and I got shots like this every time. Button has been gone for a number of years but I do remember to have a Button moment in the morning every once in a while. I am not sure what is with the second glow.  I don't know it it was there or if the camera created it.


The mystery of the missing lily of hhei valley is over.  I guess I had to wait for the soil to warm up because it is now there in full sight. I thought the voles had eaten them.  I do know they chewed up a few of my hostas in that same area.


The Siberian iris is coming up next to the rhubarb.  I use to call it flag iris but I see by catalogues I was giving it the wrong name. I am assuming the new leaves will cover up all that debris from last years leaves  I did cut back as much as I could but it took shears to get it off of the plant. 


Because of the neighbor's building a new fence I was asked to move this fern leafed peony. As a result it will have one or two blooms only this year. I will have to wait a whole year to see it bloom seven or more blooms again. 


I planted the cherry tomato this morning in a big pot this morning.  It will sit on the deck just for the fun of it. It will get the same weather as it would if it was down on the ground. It will be warm enough now so the ground temperatures will be warmed for the planting of the six other tomatoes.  Maybe tomorrow that will happen.  Probably my neighbors to the north west will be doing the same thing. 


 The double tulips are starting show weathering but still have good color. The phlox is in full bloom now. It is Monday and I trucked mulch and dirt down the hill. I did pretty well handling the wheel barrow.  I do notice that I have used muscles not in shape.  I will rest for the rest of the day as I keep trying to build my stamina back.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Laurel Wood said...

You have so many wonderful plants to look forward to. Sorry the fern leaf peony had to be moved. Be careful and do not over exert yourself,

Laurel Wood said...

P.s. I forgot to say that I remember well that you and Button would be out early each day to photograph the sky. We never quit missing our pets.

Rose said...

I like the double glow makes one wonder. One hibiscus is putting up all kinds of shoots and there is nothing from the other. I am so pleased that at least one is coming up.

The Furry Gnome said...

Our Fernleaf Peony is coming along nicely this year.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow you got warm! We were barely 40 degrees today:( Your Lily of the Valley looks great!