Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tuesday's Shared Items.....

 I had to smile when I saw my new lawn man trim off peonies. I usuallyl take off iris accidentally with the trimmer once in a while, so to see him take out a third of a red peony made me smile. He laid them to the side and then later I found some more victims. 

So on the very next day I am deadheading spent iris blooms and look what I did do. I try to be very careful when I do it but these things do happen.

I did some physical labor today by driving the steel post into the ground. I can start them with a hammer and then finish with a sledge hammer.  I did take a break in the middle of the job. I will feel those muscles tomorrow. 

I got a clever idea this year and found some rubber bands to hold the labels in place on the poles. I can now know what tomatoes are growing and what to expect as they ripen.  My neighbor lady said she had all Early Girl tomatoes this year but I notice that I didn't have a single one of them.  I do have six different varieties this year. 

Of all the years that I have fed hummingbirds, I never had birds drink out of them. I am threatening to not feed them anymore at the other feeders. 

We are going to now have some warm weather.  I can tell that the tomatoes are growing better just in these past days. It is nice to not wear parkaas or winter coats when working outside.  I thank you for checking in today.

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Laurel Wood said...

I hate that some of your blooms were cut by accident. This is the first year I have known wrens to move in the blue bird house here. The blue birds just left last week. I am thankful your weather is warming and I hope you will share which of the six varieties of tomatoes you enjoy the most. I have not seen any hummingbirds yet. Your peonies sue make a great photo.