Friday, June 25, 2021


 The antique rose bush is taking over the area. It will not bloom for another year. The angel seems to be content to sit among the leaves and branches.

I have a tomato volunteer in my flower bed. I am just going to let it grow.  It could be a yellow pear variety or a large heirloom variety. We will just wait and see. It is too healthy to just pull it and put in the trash. 

I found old packages of seed and I found this one sunflower seed. It is a shorter variety but it will be fun to see it bloom. 

I finally decided where to plant my discount rose bush.  It was fought digging but I did do that yesterday. I placed new dirt around it replacing all the clay that was there. 

I didn't even look at the tag when I bought it. I could tell that it was a very healthy rose growing in that container and it was the last one among a bunch of bushes. I am glad to see what it is as I disconnected the tag this morning and read about it. 

It has this yellow bloom on it for now but I now it will turn pink as it matures. We had a rain last night and it helped all my roses to look better. 

I finished deadheading my roses today. Once I started on the one rose I just kept moving on to the next four. These William Baffin blooms are late bloomers as I took off a bucket full of dead blooms from it.  We had rain last night which was around an inch in amount.  Southern Iowa had heavy rains causing flooding but we didn't have that problem. We still need water in our water supply river to keep us going. We are heading towards a muggy 82 degrees F. today.

It is Friday. Thanks for stopping by today.

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your roses look very nice, but I do not miss deadheading flowers in the least Larry.