Thursday, June 17, 2021


 We had thunder in the night for about two hours. The rain was minimal but some people near us must have had a good rain. The deck was wet this morning and I walked out in bare feet onto it just to feel the wetness while taking this photo

Rain did happen somewhat but we will get up to 100 degrees F. the moisture will be evaporated soon.

For our 37th Wedding Anniversary we visited the Des Moines Art Center yesterday. The pool with the brick lining reflects the opposite side of the center.  Unfortunately the cafe was not opened which is seated inside as well as out on the patio.  We picked up a sandwich later elsewhere. We got to see some great art and also some modern pieces that were not so great.

Herbert Hoover's Birthplace is a painting by Iowan Grant Wood. We share the ownership of the painting with Minneapolis Art Institute so it was a pleasure to get to see it.  As it travels back and forth you can miss seeing it easily. 

The tomatoes do get supplemental watering as the heat can be good for them and also can be very bad. My cherry tomato in a pot has to be watered everyday. I keep moving it into the shade but eventually it will be too large for me to be shifting it around. The weeds are doing well also among the raised bed but I can deal with them as time goes by. 

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope everyone can keep safe and cool.


Laurel Wood said...

I am glad you received some rain. Your clematis is doing well. Happy Anniversary and I am glad you got to see some nice art. Sorry the cafe was closed.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Tomatoes already forming! I just planted some free ones I got at the store. I was actually going to skip tomatoes this year. but free plants seduced me. It will be a while before they are producing. Especially since they looked pretty sad when I put them in the ground. So far, they seem to be improving well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Anniversary!! Good to get out and see different things!