Monday, June 14, 2021

Late Blogging of the Creative Zone.....

 Ten years ago at the old place I hung this smaller flag on the front porch. It was posted on facebook on Flag Day. The tree is gone because of the severe wind storm, derecho, last summer. The porch is still there but I didn't hang a flag there today. 

Our dove pair succeeded hatching new ones this spring. These two young ones were exploring the feeding site. 

A bad shot of the moon from last night. The position of the moon is low in the sky and appears parallel to the street light in the view finder.  I guess I might have to walk up the street to get a better shot. 

The fence is weathered and worn but it makes a great backdrop for the clematis. It is not my fence as the previous owner did not put in any fence. 


We are in a drought. The Raccoon River that dumps into the Des Moines River is so low that one can walk across without difficulty.  The Des Moines River has a lake Saylorville that could be emptied into the Des Moines River but it is low also. So I water my tomatoes with my rain barrel water collected from the  roof from rains that happen many weeks ago. We are asked to cut down on watering anything as the supply in Des Moines is shared with about 10 cities, suburbs, including our city. 

Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes it is flag day! WE are in a drought also, hope we all get rain soon:)

Laurel Wood said...

Beautiful phot of the flag at your old place. I remember how much damage the trees there sustained. Your tomatoes are looking good. So thankful you have some water in the rain barrel. Your clematis has really bloomed well this year. I wish you both a good day and pray you receive rain soon,