Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Middle Mentions....


I cut peonies this morning and brought them inside. I think the last two years the droughts kept these from doing well so this year I have been amazed with the top peony. It just hasn't bloomed that well before now for me to appreciate it.  The former owner purchased this as this is a different color than all of the old fashioned one similar to it..

This white one that grows in the same row looks like it is struggling. It acts lie it is too dry.  I watered it this morning.  I may have to dig around with the roots later and put some black soil around.  The clay is everywhere.  I did not plant this one either.  My old fashion white is doing well at the bottom of the hill. 


Another shot of the view of my now staked tomato plants It is amazing how warm weather can make tomatoes grow so quickly.  I have noticed the growth on them the last few days with the warm days.  I planted glads in this area and I saw them sprouted already.  I have planted two batches of them two weeks ago. 

The former owner has buttercups planted all along the area of the peonies.  I usually pulled them out as weeds the first few years.  Now i let them grow and they are wonderful. I have moved some to the back yard garden and they are growing quite well.  I JUST DISCOVERED IN A GARDEN MAGAZINE THAT THESE ARE CALLED PRIMROSE.  I DIDN'T PLANT THEM SO I DIDN'T KNOW THE NAME. I DO LIKE THEM.

I removed a couple of branches from the front yard pear tree this morning. It was hit by the derecho last year and a dead branch was needing to come out have a hole in the tree but I am not going to remove it. I am hoping to trim a few more branches at a time to help balance it out.  I do think I would like to give it a chance to grow in branches in some of the blank space. Resting up from the tree work is required but I can get stuff done in bits and pieces.

Thanks for stopping in today. We are going to be hot today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your peonies are beautiful! The Fern leaf Peony you gave me is blooming now, a photo will be on the blog Thursday:) Thank you once again!

Laurel Wood said...

Such pretty photos. I once had pale pink primrose. I am learning to do a little work at a time. It is not easy.