Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tuesday's Things.....

 The 7:00 pm moon looked like this.  I was so surprised to see its place in the sky but day moons do show up on clear days.

The 11:00 pm moon looked like this. It is not a full moon so one thinks the photo is distorted. It a few more days it will be full. 

The multiple blooms on the lily are liking the weather.  My one grandmother grew lilies at the back of her house and she would tie them up with hay binding twine and attach it to a big nail to keep it standing.  She also counted her buds and there were usually 13 buds on one stem. 

I picked my first tomato last evening. It isn't too big but it will slice up great for a sandwich. The tomatoes are setting on real quickly with the heat. and me watering them regularly. 

This plantings of glads is growing strong now.  They shrugged off the trimming that the rabbit did to them before I installed the fence. I bought some plants today from the grocery store nursery.  They were trying to sell off all that they had for sale and I picked up some great buys. 

I will be planting them tomorrow morning as I spent most of my day with the car in the shop for its routine check up and oil change. I had some other things done which caused my visit to be a long one.  The place had no new vehicles for sale in the dealership. I asked at the desk and the woman said that when a new car or truck comes in that they are sold in two or three days. So during my long wait on my car I got to look a long row of used SUVs.   

We are cooled off for part of the day but we do have heat coming back again.  I think their is a possibility of rain late afternoon but I am not holding my breath. Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for a tomato!! You Lily is just stunning and you will really like those glads to bring in when they bloom:)

Laurel Wood said...

Your moon shots are nice. I really love the lilies and enjoyed your memory of your grandmothers lilies and thirteen on one stem! I know you look forward to a tomato on your sandwich. We had three inches of rain over the weekend. So very thankful. I do hope you will receive more rain to help with the drought. I always love the end of season bargain flowers and look forward to you sharing what you purchased.