Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday's Stuff....



I keep watering it every day to keep it alive. It looked really sad before I started the watering. I remember that it did not bloom this well last year at this time. 



The one hosta is ready to put out a lot of blooms. The privet in the picture was a rescued one that was planted in the shade at the old place. It really likes growing here with a rain pipe watering it when we get rain. The privet also covers up that meter.  I think the meter is read electronically so he really doesn't have to actually read it visually. 

The yellow cone flower is struggling with our hot weather. I don't understand why we have August weather in June.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Laurel Wood said...

You certainly heated up in a hurry this spring. I wonder what the summer weather will be? Your blooms are so pretty.