Saturday, June 5, 2021

Saturday News......

  The clematis grew so tall that it was hanging over into the neighbor's side of the fence.  We had a strong wind and it blew it all back up and over onto my side.  The thing is I can't see the bloom when it grows like this.

I noticed this morning that the chive blooms were bringing in the bees. When I took this shot there were two bumblebees and a honey bee feeding ont them. I am glad to see the honeybee as they don't seem to be doing very well in Iowa.  We do have a guy in the neighborhood that runs hives in his suburban back yard.He advertises his hone for sale on the net.  I can't eat any of it but I am glad others can get fresh honey. 

I am busy taking lots of shots trying to get my auto focus to work.  I think that I am doing something wrong but my wife did suggest another setting that I can use to get focus. 

I did finally get a focused shot of the pink rose. I like how the old red peony is stiting next to it. The contrast is so great. I will be cutting back some of the peony leaves soon to give the rose more room to grow.  

I am bringing the roses inside now as there are so many that it doesn't mess up the look of the plants.  I have a couple sprigs from the William Baffin rose and one from the Knock Out rose. 

The yellow rose is doing so great this time of the year.  It likes where it is planted.  I am watering my hydrangea to help it  bloom better.  We are really dry and the small rains did not help that much. I am moving slow today but it is too hot to be outside.  My neighbor and his brother are working on the building of a new deck to go next to the swimming pool.  The had cement truck there early in the morning to beat the heat.  Foundation posts holes are filled and they can start working on the deck.  I will be watching but won't be helping.  

Thanks for stopping by today.


The Furry Gnome said...

Our Clematis are growing well, but not blooming yet.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That yellow rose is a beauty! Way to warm here and we need rain so badly.

Laurel Wood said...

How nice to see honey bees.your clematis looks like it is teasing your neighbor! The yellow rose is one of my favorites.