Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Bird News.....

 She has a juicy worm that she will deed on her babies but she is waiting orm me to get out of the area. This was last evening.

This is her second batch of birds. It didn't take her very long to hatch out that second sets of birds. Blurry shot.....

The blurry photo shows that there are three birds in there at the time last evening. There could have been more and one or more have already left the nest. 


This morning I got a shot of this one bird in the nest.  I walked around to take photos of flowers and came back and he was gone. 


Blooms from my front garden are just now opening. I first saw this flower when we were traveling through Colorado. I don't remembr the name for now but it will come to me eventually.  Desert is a part of its name. Gaillardia is the name and desert blanket flower is a common name. Mine needs to develop more into a fuller bloom. Water is needed.



The bottom of this rose is being grown for the sake of the rabbit to eat. It did go ahead and bloom in spite of it being trimmed from the bottom.  We are having a hot day again today. My brother in Mesa, Arizona will be 117 degrees F. today.  My 88 degrees seems to be cold compared to that.   Thank you for stopping by today.



Laurel Wood said...

I first had blue birds in the birdhouse here, then wrens. I enjoyed seeing your robin photos. What great pictures of your front garden, I have not seen any rabbits here. Wow, your brother’s temps are hot. Larry’s son and kids are going to GA to be with Larry for about a week. The son hates the humidity and mosquitoes in GA!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I just saw that heat wave for the south fun for them:) Nice of you to share with the bunny:)

R's Rue said...