Friday, June 4, 2021

Bright Sun.......

 It is sold as a black iris but you can see it full of lots of colors. The name given to it is Superstition.   I am out getting shots of all of the last of the iris.  My camera isn't liking the heat and bright sun so I had to trash half of the photos because they were blurry. 

The old cemetery iris is well established now. I may move some of it elsewhere just because that is what I do. 

I thought I had picked my last but here we go we have one more meal of asparagus. We have had a lot of it this year. 

I was diging around in the back room and look at what I found.  I planted some radishes this morning.  I watered the seed in as the ground is so dry. I had to put up the other fence around my other garden as the bunny was eating off the new gladiola sprouts.  I always do fence it in but I just had not got it done. I gave the glads a good dose of water to  help them come back. 

I looked out the bedroom window a few days ago to look at the tomato patch. Once I pulled the blind I noticed many baby robins that had just left the nest. It was a successful hatch and now she is back on the nest again. I don't think I have seen baby robins before at this place but they leave the nest and leave the area so quickly that one can miss it easily.

The guy came to mow the lawn today and he did do some trimming. The mow it so fast that they really make a mess of things.  It will look better tomorrow when all the grass stands up again.  I actually used my lightweight electric trimmer the other day and did some of his work for him.  I couldn't use my engine power trimmer but the plastic electric was pretty fun to work with. I didn't do much as I didn't have a very long cord. 

It is Friday.  We ate out at Panera Bread last evening just for fun. It is getting back to normal in Iowa. I don't  wear a mask anymore anywhere. We are safe and those who are still catching it are in low numbers just like the flu that usually goes around. I am glad things are coming back.  

Thanks for checking in today.


The Furry Gnome said...

That 'Black' Iris is gorgeous!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Love that Iris! WE got take out one night last week a pizza...we do pretty good just eating at home:)

Laurel Wood said...

The superstition iris is gorgeous in the sunlight. The asparagus looks very tasty. Best wishes with the radishes.