Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday's Things....

 New seed will bring them in every time. The pair shows up later in the day, it is almost evening and just hang on the feeder. Sometimes they just set and then they do peck for a little bit of seed once in a whilel

I am not happy with this hoppity hop as he ate off the tops of my new hosta transplants. He doesn't know that it doesn't kill them.  They will leaf out again. 

I do think giving the white peony extra water did help it bloom better. It is a good bloom, not like my old fashioned white one. I inherited this one and it is the first year that I have actually seen it bloom this good.

My first bloom on the yellow rose is now open.  It is a great rose and does put out lots of blooms all summer if I keep it cut back. 

I  have so many flower photos so I will just jolt you with a surprise cloud picture. They are good to see when it is usually hot and clear.  

Summer is upon as as we are now going to warm up for the rest of the week. It would be called hot but for now I am soaking it all in after all those cold spells. I will probably have to water things though to get my zinnia seeds to grow. The tomatoes are smiling in the sun.

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