Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuesday's Day.....

 Lost but still very valuable.  It was in a stray box and not with all the other ornaments.  It is a golden oldie with the colors of it flaking off.  It isn't a big name brand but it probably is at least fifty years.  I like how the last ornament that didn't make it into the box goes into whatever other box that is around. 

I started digging into this box of ornaments.  They are my small glass blown ornaments.  Most of them are cheap dime store varieties but I like how they remind me of my older days of decorations. 

My wife gave me a hand at putting them on the tree today.  You can see the Gorilla Glue bottle on the chest ready for use.  I had to glue the wings back onto the angel lights that are hanging in the garland. 

A motion shot of a still object seems to be different.  I don't know how I got motion but it happened.  We have our first tree up now and will see which one will be next to be decorated.  

We have seasonal flu shots tomorrow. I wanted them to be today but there site on the internet refused to let me be on Tuesday's appointment.  I go to the pharmacy often and I know they are rarely busy so I don't know what that is all about.  We have something to do on Thursday and I would have liked to have that shot and all its complications behind us before then. I guess we can feel bad all day Wednesday and hope to be getting better Thursday morning before we attend our event. The jury is now out on the booster shot as there are so many mixed reviews about it.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

The flu shot was a breeze this year, I hardly felt rotten at all:) Hope the same for you!

Val Ewing said...

I hope the flu shot goes well. I had mine this year for the third year in a row.
I just got a sore spot. My booster went quite well, just a sore arm too.

Love those old ornaments. I recall that my MIL had a 'feather' tree and hand blown glass ornaments too. They were so beautiful and delicate.

Yours look amazing.