Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Middle of the Week's Worth....


The photo has the full body of the blue jay but not all of the beak.  He didn't hang around long enough for me to get a better photo. He was working on the suet for a short time.


 Our robins have headed south quite a long time ago. There is a group of them migrating through right now.  I saw them on the fence and wondered what kind of bird is that.  My camera zoomed in and showed me robins. All birds north of us do have to pass our way.  We had a flock of birds later this morning in our yard and I could not identify it.  I could never get a photo of them on the ground but I did a shot of them in the sky.  I will share it tomorrow. It was a large flock of over a hundred or more.



I moved a wooden birdhouse from this post to another one out by the fence.  I ran out of birdhouses.  I looked up in the shop today and saw some clay birdhouses that I had made from slabs of clay.  Made them years ago as class demonstrations for my students.  This one fits good right there on that empyt post. 

My neighbors to the north have mums that look like this.  They have looked good every year since we lived here.

This is mine.  They never have looked full and thick.  I didn't plant them.  There must be a difference in the variety of mums.  Judy said that she trims here off at the end of the fall and doesn't touch them.

My front trees are not changing but this one branch is turning.  I know the rest of the tree will follow but it will take some time.   

Mowed the back half of my yard this morning.  I got rained out for a while and had to wait for it to dry out so that I could finish it.  We hit 70° F. this afternoon at four o'clock and we are now cooling off again.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your neighbor has beautiful mums!