Thursday, October 6, 2022




 Migrating birds harassed the neighborhood all morning yesterday.  They were so jittery that I never did get a close up shot of them to see what kind of bird that it is. They seems to be all grey.  They made a lot of noise walking on the roof of my neighbors. I have tried to find them on the internet and just don't see what kind that it is.  They were built a lot like a robin but yet had not bright colors. 


The buds are bright colored but the open flower lightens to a pale yellow.  The final maturity of them makes them appear white. 

Down our street at the corner lot is this dog.  He barks at me anytime he sees me out working.  I think his behaviors remind me of out border collie as he seems to bark at everyone that goes past his land.  He isn't mean but I think he wants people to notice him. He has one blue eye.  

I zoomed in on him and can see he has longer hair.  He is mottled  and does have a long tail.  I have heard him bark often but never had my camera out to check him out.  He loves to see dog walkers and really gets excited when people go by.  He shares his back yard with two  young children.  These neighbors are the third set of people to live there in the past five years. I may have to walk down and meet him. 

I mowed in the front yard this morning while wearing my parka and hood.  I also trimmed back three more peony bushes this morning and stuffed them in the recycle bag.  I have only one bush to go to be done with the clearing of them.  I keep wanting to clear away the stems and seed pods from my yucca plants but I keep seeing birds feeding on them.  The stalks are not so good looking but it is a natural thing to see on yuccas.  We will be cold for most of the day warming up to 72° F. by late afternoon.  It is fall here now for sure.  Thanks for stopping by today.


The Furry Gnome said...

You mowed the lawn in your parka!? Don't send that weather here!

Far Side of Fifty said...

He looks like an Austrailian Shepherd or maybe part Aussie and something else:) Yes you should meet him!