Saturday, October 1, 2022

Saturday's Showings.....





I finished washing the front of the house yesterday.  It was the easiest side to do as it is made of many windows and a door.  

 I completed the power washing of the house this morning.  It was an acrobatic act to get the high places.  I have a slanted hill so I had to put things under the ladder's right leg to raise it up so it had level standing.  I drove a steel post next to the wood piece so it would not shift while I was on the ladder. I never owned a house with vinyl siding so I didn't know I was suppose to be washing it.  I hosed it down with a garden hose on one side a couple of years ago but this year it got its spring cleaning in the fall. Glad to be done.

I was only able to make a couple of pots this week as I was hunkered down on getting the house done. It is getting cold so I will have to bundle up to work on the outside potter's wheel.  I will have to just quit doing it until spring when it gets to be winter.

It is a  great looking day out there and we are going to warm up by the afternoon to 74° F.  by the middle afternoon. Enjoy you weekend and thanks for checking in today.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Power washing is hard work, I'd hate to have to do high up. Your flowers are pretty and seeing your pottery is really neat. Since I've not been in here in quite awhile, I've missed out on this hobby of yours.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Val Ewing said...

I should wash my house again. But since the side that gets nasty is easy to clean with a hose and a broom. I may wait until spring to get after the dreary looking eaves.

That is a lot of work!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good for you! That power washing is not easy work and if you get wet it is better done on a warm day! I am certain that you can find other things to do!