Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunshine Day......


 The pink one is not as showy.  I forgot it was planted there until I turned the pot around to carry it inside a few days ago.  The begonia is still a nice plant that carries over each year when I bring it in from the cold.

I find it interesting how the red pigment shows up when the blue morning glory is in declined from the day before. 


I am so glad to see these iris take off and grow.  I moved them from a wet clay-like soil to this new one. It likes where I planted it. I have a few more that I am going to be moving in the next few days.  I move plants around like some people move around their furniture. 

Our morning sky is looking differently this time of the year.  The reddish clouds show up at such a short period of time. 

A day off from work is good.  I finished cleaning all the vinyl siding so I can get back to doing fun things.  Pottery and gardening are both in my future.  Our weather is colder, as our high in temps happens at four in the afternoon.  I have neighbor on both sides mowing their yards but I don't mow until Wednesday.  I stick to my schedule as I have more important things to do.  We took off for lunch today at Taco Bell.  Rarely we go there but it is always fun to have a new thing to eat.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Val Ewing said...

Nice photos! I love the fall skies in the morning.

I hand mowed our lawn as the big mower died. However I don't think we will have much more growth. I'd be happy to wait for Spring to mow again.

Have a great day!

Far Side of Fifty said...

That Morning Glory is so cheerful!