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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, January 4, 2020

A New Song......

 I have had my cockatiels for a long time.  They have very few calls but do talk and chatter at times with sounds that are friendly and fun. It is more than ten years that I have had them and one day this past month one of them has started making a new and completely different sound.  I can not  explain the sound or imitate it but it is completely a new one. I don't know why it has waited so long to make that call but is is fun to hear it.

I keep learning new things about Israel after we returned. It is hard to retain so much but it is fun to go back and research the things that we did see. One of the archeology magazines that I check out at the bookstore actually had an article about four different digs that are going on in Israel in the summers. I could read the article and know that we had been there One of the interesting things about Israel is that a lot of it has plenty of salt water under its land.  They have had to figure out how to remove the salt and use it for drinking and for crops.

I shoveled walks at the old place today. It was not to difficult but we have one member on the city board that wants to get some one.  I am not going to be got, so I made a path for some one to walk.  All the tracks I had seen on my sidewalks were my neighbor's tracks.

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