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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sunny, Snowy, Windy Day.....

Friday's storm looked and felt like this. The sparrow is tough as he holds on in the wind. We didn't end up with a lot of snow but I am not complaining.

As the day progressed different kinds of birds showed up at the feeder. The mourning dove was a surprise to see but it did find a place under the roof to keep it out of the weather. The junco look whiter in a snow storm as it shows up better on a dull day.

I toss out scrap seed leftover from the cockatiels cage and so I see these once in a while on the downstairs patios. Now that they are here I will feed them more on the ground.

I added a make shift feeder on the table next to the other living room window. The tray is a cafeware plate from the early years.  My grandmother had some of these that she used for meat platters but she also served hot beef dinners on the stoneware dish at a small town cafe.  If I get birds to eat here I will take photos.

The lantern sat on the table so I brought it in to melt off its snow. The new feeder tray replaced it.  As dry as our air is in the winter time the snow will eventually evaporate into the air. It will help out with my room humidifier.

Yesterday's visit by the cardinal is a first for a very long time. I am hoping my new seed will bring him back. I have been sprinkling thistle seed with the regular bird seed and I am getting house finches.  I did get a shot of one while I was writing this. I think I saw a bluejay in the blue spruce tree but it has not shown up at my window.  I uses to have lots of them at the old place where there were big trees.

It is Saturday and we are staying inside.  The accidents that they show on the news broadcast show that it is tough driving out there. It is too cold to get outside anyway.  I hope everyone is staying safe.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes safe and warm, yes I saw some Iowa footage lots of accidents...good to stay home. That Cardinal sure is pretty and so glad the Dove found a safe place to eat:)

Rose said...

I love that first shot...I always love doves, too. I think of them as a bird of peace. I bet you get bird on the feeder beside the window...