Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Short Post......

It is good that I keep this process going. I cleaned up my storage room in the basement and am still alive.  I spilled the antique box of tinker toys all over the floor. I remarked as the patience that I am exhibiting without swearing or anything.  It was good that I was proud of my patience especially  when the next box filled will Lincoln logs scattered into another area on top of things. They are now all in control and sitting firmly on a shelf.  I now have all the things that were boxed upstairs now on the shelves down stairs.  I still have a lot of things yet to bring down, with the village buildings, but at least I can place them in order when I bring them down.

Outside we are looking good.  It is just above freezing and all the snow is melted. The hint of green is good to see.  It was dark this morning when we got up.  I guess it was too clouded over to let us see any sun.

I do keep putting things in boxes that were not their original box. I found a nice box in the basement labeled Christmas lights  but it is too late as they are in another book.  I did just relabel the box and put railing garland on the top of the box. I have decided that whatever happens I will just throw away any leftover boxes.

Last years amaryllis is still in bulb form today.  I just sat it out from under a counter in the dark.  I am going to start watering it t o see how it will do.  The bulb looked healthy and I just had forgotten to get it out for Christmas.  We will just have to watch and wait together.

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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Far Side of Fifty said...

You showed great restraint with your mess:)